You know that feeling you get when you are packing up for a race and you feel like there is something missing. You keep looking at your bag and checking everything over and over and trying to visualize transition from water to bike, then run but have no idea what is missing?

This is where I decided to make a race checklist to hopefully avoid that feeling. I started with a spreadsheet. However, I felt that the spreadsheet is not with me when I needed it so I wanted use something that is always have with me and that is my iPhone.

Luckily, few days before my last triathlon of the season, Wall Street Journal technology editor  Katherine Boehret wrote an article about new a new free service that saves and synchronizes Web content across all major browsers on Macs and PCs and mobile devices.

The service is SpringPad ( I downloaded the app and was able to create my checklist immediately. Unlike many other checklist and To Do apps I’ve used on my phone, SpringPad main attractive feature was the simplicity of synchronizing your lists across devices. Just create an account, and start using it either on the iPhone, iPad, or your web browser. As you enter new items in your phone, it automatically pushes the updates to your account so you can view it on other devices.

So here is my checklist. I have already used it for my last tri and it worked great. Some of the items I have there was because the cool temperature forecasted on race day such as arm warmer and shoe covers:

– Trisuit
– Wetsuit
– Swim goggles
– Sunglasses
– Helmet
– Bike aero drink
– Bike drink bottle
– Bike shoes
– Race belt
– Hydration belt
– Running visor
– Running shoes
– 2 Gatorade drinks
– 1Mix Protein drink
– Clif bars
– Clif energy gels
– Clif Roks
– Water bottle
– Timing chip ankle band
– Transition area towl
– Small towl
– Arm warmer
– Bike shoes cover
– Stop watch
– Socks

Did I miss anything? Do you have a list that you use?

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  • Race Checklist with my iPhone
    Gear Reviews

    Race Checklist with my iPhone

    You know that feeling you get when you are packing up for a race and you feel like there is something ...
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