My planned 180 Olympic distance triathlon in Caesar Creek Lake has been canceled. The lake is 19 feet above normal. According to the event organizer:

Water levels have risen to a historical high of 19 feet above normal levels. Transition area is underwater, as is the entire beach area.

Because of that, the park and the event organizer HFP racing, made the unfortunate decision to cancel the event. I was bumped as I was looking forward to my first triathlon of the season.

Rev3 Knoxville was my second option. A good 8 hour drive from Cleveland. Luckily registration was still open so I signed up and was able to still use the discount code from 3Dealz which gave me 10% off.

This will be my first race with Rev3 and I am looking forward to it. The pro field is big and looking forward to watching them and testing my limits against some of the top age groupers that will be there at the event.

If you plan to be there, send me a message on twitter and hope I can connect with my virtual friends in Knoxville!