This is my first training log and I am going to try to do this weekly. Hopefully someone will find it interesting or useful.

Week 17 was the start of my peak phase and the goal was to put in more race speed work.

11,750 yards of swimming over 4 sessions. Lots of speed work mostly 200s and 100s. Saturday swam 3,500 yards straight at a moderate pace. First time to swim over 3,000 yards feeling strong the whole way despite the 2 hours bike speedwork earlier that morning.

This was a huge bike week with over 9:23 hours on the trainer. Wednesday was tempo work. Thursday had a brick session. Saturday 1h30m with 4x6min at threshold. Sunday, the weather didn’t cooperate and ended up doing the full ride indoor. 5h 10min on the rollers with 4x20min at half ironman speed, and 4x30min at ironman speed. I followed all that with a 40min run at recovery pace. Wife definitely wasn’t happy ­čÖé

This week run was very tricky. I decided to play with fire and increase my mileage and just follow my plan. I just got back into running after two weeks off after my bike crash. Last week was my first full week of running and logged about 24 miles. This week increased it to 33 miles with a 15 mile long run and two speed work. Friday was my long run and ran at a slower pace than I usually do to be on the safe side. Felt good through out but did feel sore the rest of the day. Stayed in my compressions pants and took an ice bath right after the run. Next week will take it down a little and let things recover. Tuesday was 36 min interval work. Wednesday 20min easy run. Thursday brick run at threshold. Friday 15 mile long run. Saturday 20 min recovery run. Sunday 40 min recovery run.

Total training time for the week was 17hours 33minutes.


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