Last week was my biggest ever training week. The highlight was Friday’s longest run 2:40 and Sundays 5:30 bike ride. I realized I don’t really like any ride longer than 4 hours. This is my 3rd 5+ hours ride and as soon as I am done I tell myself not to ever do these again. I split the ride into two parts, the first part was indoor for 2.5 hours. Started at 6am and went until 8:30am. It was dry and temp was about 45F outside and now it is time to get outside.

I was tempted to do the whole thing indoor. I just don’t like the transition period and for your body to go from biking in 70ºF indoor to 45ºF outdoor. Also, it takes time to dry, change clothes and get outside. Did it anyway and headed out the door. After about an hour, the cloud cover went away and the sun started to shine and that made things a little better. This ride, I used mostly solid food (clif bars, bonk breaker, and 1xkit-kat :). Trying to save my liquid nutrition until race day. It get expensive with these long rides. And that Kit-Kat really hit the spot after 4 hours.

After I was done, got back home and changed into my running clothes and got out for an easy 40min run.  I was actually feeling good during the first two miles and running at a faster pace than my long run that I did on Friday even though I was trying to run at a slow recovery pace. I knew this pace won’t last long because I didn’t take any nutrition or water with me. And for sure, two miles later,  I started to really feel hungry and light-headed. Slowed down and stopped around mile 4 for some water. Suddenly I got my energy (whatever left) back and just wanted to get back home and finish this long training day. Over 6 hours later and over 4,500 calories I was home and all done. Surprisingly I was feeling good and felt I still had some energy left which is good considering my family was waiting for me.

However, still nothing worse than doing these rides and realizing you have to go home and do some house work. The Fall leaves were outside waiting for me. Another 2-3 hours outside cleaning the yard. I wish I can just sleep after these long training rides.

Now back to Friday’s run. I was looking forward to it and made sure to finish Thursday’s brick workout early and spend the rest of the day in compression gear and just eat to recover and be ready for this run. I took the morning off work (I saved few vacation days for training) and decided to sleep in an extra hour. Got up around 6am and took my time to get ready and warm up. However, I felt drained and tired. Got out of the door around 7am and started running. Sure I was feeling flat and couldn’t pick up my pace and HR was a little on the high side even though I was running about a minute slower.  Not sure if it was the hard run I did the day before or the fact that my wife and kids were all going through the seasonal cold and my body was fighting something. Felt tired the whole run but when I looked at my splits, for some reason, I had some energy around mile 10. not sure where that came from.

Overall, I felt the week went very good and finished all my workout except for Fridays’ swim that I decided to skip and let my body recover and get rid of whatever virus I was fighting.

Run: 52 min intervals 5x3min
Swim: 2,900yrds

Bike: 1:45 (40min at tempo)
Run: 23min easy
Swim: 2,900yrds

Brick: Bike: 1:15min/ Run: 30min @threshold.

Long run: 2:38

Bike: 2hours (5x5min speed intervals)
Swim: 3,600 yrds
Run: 20min easy

Long Bike: 5:37
Run: 43min easy