The triathlon super bowl  is tomorrow and since I will be home just like every year watching it (rather than racing it) I wanted to do it with style. In previous years, I streamed it on my laptop. Tried to miss with cords, HDMI, to connect to my big screen TV but that never worked right.

I have a “Smart” Samsung TV and they do have some app that you can setup on your PC and stream directly to TV but as usual these companies don’t give much thoughts to any technology until Apple decide to incorporate it into their products.

And as I am getting older (and hopefully wiser) I have less interest in  fiddling around with gadgets to make it work. I just want things that work out of the box.

So I decided this year to go the Apple way and upgrade my Apple TV device. I had the first generation which didn’t support streaming.


I headed to the Apple website and got myself a refurbished one for $74 and came in a box just like a new one. Got it hooked up to my TV and suddenly a new icon on my laptop appeared to stream. I clicked on it and magically my laptop picture is on my big screen TV.

Apple TV

Tested streaming some videos and the picture quality was as good if not better than my laptop. Now need the popcorn and I am all setup for all the excitement for tomorrow.

Now hopefully soon I will be in Kona racing rather than watching on TV!