Gear Issues

Update: Since the writing of this post, Garmin released an updated 3.5 software. I recommend following the normal update procedure to update your Garmin 510 to the most recent one. If you wish to update to another beta version, then the instructions in this article should still apply.

Since the latest Garmin 510 3.40 software update, I haven’t been able to successfully upload my rides via the Garmin Connect app on my phone. Sometimes I get a message “Upload Complete” but then when I check my activities in Garmin, the ride isn’t there, and sometimes Garmin 510 just tells me the upload failed.

After doing some research, I think I found away to fix this issue. The good news is Garmin realized this was a problem, will kind of, and they released a fix for it. However, you will have to download the latest beta release and manually update your Garmin device.

Just a quick note about the upgrade, if you update to the beta version and decide you don’t like it and want to downgrade, you can do so but your Garmin Edge will go back to the default settings. I will talk about downgrading at the end of the post.


The upgrade process is actually easier than it actually sounds. Here is a quick, step by step instructions:

  1. Click here to download and unzip file to you PC/Mac. You should see a file called GUPDATE.GCD.
  2. Plug Garmin 510 device into your PC via the USB cable.
  3. You should see Garmin as device in your File Explorer or Finder in Mac. Copy the file GUPDATE.GCD to your /Garmin folder inside your Garmin device.
  4. Unplug Garmin 510 and let it start. You will need to press the power button after you unplug it for it to start.
  5. Once it starts, it will perform the update. Wait for it to finish.
    Garmin Edge 510
  6. Delete all previous rides.Here is a quick video I made to show you how to delete all rides from your Garmin Edge 510:

Now you should be able to pair it with the Garmin Connect app and go out for a ride. Once you are done, save the ride and hopefully the upload with go through without a problem. Enjoy!

If you decide you want to downgrade and go back to the current version, just plug back your Garmin device to the USB and  place the file GUPDATE-340.gcd in your /Garmin folder. You will find that file in the file you downloaded earlier. See Step 1 above.