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If you are tired of the Garmin ANT+ USB stick, then you are not alone. This thing is big and small. Too big to keep connected to a laptop and too small to put away somewhere and not have to spend time looking for it.


And since I have been using my laptop to log my bike trainer workouts, I have been using the Garmin ANT+ more often. So when I heard of the new Suunto Move Stick Mini, it didn’t take me long to order one.

As soon as it arrived, I was very impressed with how small this thing is. Just take a look at how small it is compare to the Garmin ANT+ in the photo below.

I immediately connected it to my laptop, turned on my TrainerRoad software and tested it out with my Garmin HR strap. TrainerRoad was able to recognize the new Suunto Stick Mini and displayed my HR on the screen immediately. Then took my laptop down to my trainer and tested the Garmin Speed and Cadence and everything was displayed nicely within my TrainerRoad application. On Mac OSX 10.7.3 (Lion) there was nothing to install or upgrade.

I have been testing the Suunto Mini Stick for the past two weeks and logged over 10 bike trainer hours with no issues at all. If anything, ┬áthe number of signal interruption has gone down. I can’t attribute this to the new Suunto Mini Stick or probably just software issues. One thing to note is the Suunto Move Stick Mini uses the new ANT+2 and USB 2 technology which can handle up to 8 channels.

For the past two weeks, the stick didn’t leave my laptop and have no plans on taking it out. It is very small and I know for sure if I do take it out I will probably have to spend hours looking for it. So if you plan on not leaving it connected to your laptop, then it might not be a good option.