I started last season with a goal to finish an Olympic distance, in hope to change my lifestyle and become active again. I never liked running, even back when I was heavy into martial arts, running was the one thing I hated to do.
I had 0 milage under my feet, so running 6 miles was a huge challenge.  Also I had 0 milage under my pedals and wasn’t even sure if I needed to get a road bike or if I can do the distance with my hybrid bike.

One year later, running has become a pleasure and I get butterflies in my stomach when it is a bike day. I have  two Olympic distance triathlons under my belt, one sprint, a duathlon, and a half marathon.

This off season, I am starting with a much stronger base in all three disciplines. It is not about just being able to finish anymore, it is about finishing strong.

My goal next season, is to compete in a half ironman distance, maybe two, and some sprints and few Olympics. I would like to win or be placed in the top 3 in my age group in a constant basis.

I know the areas I need to work on and improve. In the next two months, I will be working mostly on imrovimg techniques in swim,cycling and running.

My Ironman (Eagleman 70.3) training will start third week of January, before then, I hope to have accomplished these goals and start my training strong.

In the next few days, I will be sharing with you some of the techniques I have learned and will be working on.

Cyclists spend a lot of money to get their bike as light as possible. However, when you are going on a long bike ride or doing an Ironman race, the bike leg is very crucial to get your nutrition and get your body ready for the run.

Here is a video from Active.com talking to few triathletes about loading up their bikes at the Ford Ironman Championship in Kona.