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Last year, one of the things I wanted to do is improve my cycling during the winter months. To do that staring at my bike all winter long wasn’t going to cut it. Riding the trainer was ok and TrainerRoad ...
Gear Reviews

Last fall as the weather started to get colder and cycling in foul weather wasn’t fun anymore, it was time to move my training indoors. One of the things that I upgraded was my indoor bicycle trainer.

After few weeks of research, I decided to go with the CycleOps Jetfluid Pro [priced at $399]. I have been using the JetFluid Pro all winter long except for that one day we had back in February where temperature reached 60ºF. I have close to 600 miles and over 50 hours on my JetFluid Pro so far.

Overall, I have been very happy with this trainer. It is very well made and feel very strong. It gives me as close to a road feel as you can probably get on a trainer. Back to that February day we had, I was able to take my bike out and was able to push on my bike in a very windy conditions and had no problems with my transition to the outdoors. I truly felt my training indoors paid off.


The trainer feels very stable. I can do sprints, standing or sitting and push as hard as I want without having any stability or safety issues.

Setting up the trainer was very easy, as usual, I ditched the manual and was able to set it up following instructions from the video in this post, which I found on CycleOps website.

The trainer is very light, few times I moved my trainer upstairs to the family room with no problem. The quick release mechanism makes locking and unlocking the bike a snap.

As far as noise, that was one of the most important things I had to consider when shopping for a trainer. I usually do all my training early in the morning and didn’t want to wake up the kids and wife while going crazy spinning. So far hasn’t happen so this gives it an A.


I measured the decibels with my iPhone and spinning at 20+ mph, the app measured at 76 decibel which isn’t bad. That is equal to the noise level of living room music, radio or tv. My wife was able to workout on the treadmill right next to me and watch TV at the same time without complaining. Again, as long as it doesn’t wake up the kids at 5am, I am very happy!

The unit temprature seem to always stay under control. After using the trainer for 2+ hours, I was able to touch all parts of the unit and it felt just a little warm.

The trainer comes with one realRides training DVD. I haven’t been able to use it on a full training session but watched it briefly and seems to give you many workout options and are easy to follow.

The trainer comes with an optional stackable climbing block for $24.99 which I purchased and a training mat which retail for $59.99. I ended up getting a yoga mat instead for $10 from TJ Maxx and seems to work just as good. Plus, I think the yellow color matches better with the trainer 🙂

In summary, if you are looking for a good trainer for these cold winter months, bad weather, or just to avoid distracted drivers, the CycleOps Jetfluid pro is a very good middle of the range trainer. Unless you are out on the road or on a roller, the Jetfluid Pro gives you as good of a road like feel as you will get, it is quiet and easy to operate and comes with a lifetime warranty.