Life Style

Ironman had a great video today as part of their Ali’i drive series. Made me think of all the things that just few years ago thought was just crazy. I thought doing a marathon was a crazy idea and now I will be doing a full Ironman in few weeks. So this video made me think of the craziest things that I have done since I fell in love with triathlons:

  1. Wearing speedos. never thought I would be doing this. But since I started cycling, my thighs just go bigger and jammers are not very comfortable. So I gave the speedo a try and love it. However, if they start making more comfortable jammers (Speedo,TYR should take few tips from cycling shorts) I will defenitly go back to jammers.
  2. Shaving legs. I started shaving last year and was part of my pre-race ritual.
  3. Riding for 5-6 hours then running for an hour… since when this is normal?
  4. Going to bed right after putting my kids to bed so I can get up at 5am for a 2hours workout.
My favorite in this video is Andy Potts’s comment about sprints in triathlons
“we have an hour long race at a world class level and we call that a sprint… for an hour…um… most other sports, sprinting is 10 seconds”
So have you joined the triathlon cult? if so what have you done that you thought you will never ever do before?