Every year, Muslims around the world observe the month of Ramadan. Ramadan is a month long fast from dawn to sunset. Because the cycle of the lunar calendar does not match the solar calendar, the dates of Ramadan shifts by approximately 11 days each year.

During the month of Ramadan, Muslims fast from dawn to sunset with no food or water and yes that includes coffee… really who cares about food and water! At sunset families and friends gather for Iftar which is the meal eaten to break the fast.

Triathlon training and working out while fasting during Ramadan is hard but not impossible. With the long days and summer heat, it is probably best to avoid any workout during the day. You want to be able to replenish immediatly after working out with food and water.

In the past years, I structured my workouts to be either right before sunset so I can eat immediatley as soon as I am done. Or break my fast with a light meal and get a workout in then enjoy the rest of the evening with family and friends.

The other way I have trained if I wanted to maximize time and do some hard intervals is start the warm up process before breaking fast, then break my fast with a date, waffles, PB and honey, or whatever you like but keep it very light. Then start with the hard intervals such as track workouts, tempo runs, swims or bike intervals. That way you can also eat and drinkg while you are exercising.

This year my coach put together a more structured plan with short but higher intensity (hello VO2!!!) and more FTP work. As for running, I will be taking advantage of this month and the low volume work to recover from a persistent ITBS. Hoping to get in some short runs every other day and hope it heals in the next couple weeks.