stokedIt had been a long time since I raced. Two months exact. I DNF that race because of IT band issues. Training since been up and down and went through days where I really was going to cry. I actually did cry during a long bike ride where I was hitting my numbers easily but my knee gave out and I almost called my wife to come and pick me up. My IT band flared up so bad that even swimming was aggravating it. Biking wasn’t comfortable, and elliptical was also out of the question.

IM Muncie 70.3, was around the corner and kept telling myself my knee will be better next week. However weeks flew by and my knee wasn’t getting any better so I decided to skip Muncie and let my knee heal.

Fast forward to today. I have an Olympic race this Sunday that I am stoked about. My knee is no longer bothering me and things are in place for a good race. Maybe I will be running slower but that is ok. I am sure I will still kick someone’s ass and crush some dreams!