Smoothie Recipes

Almond butter with honey is my favorite pre-workout food. I have to always have almond butter in my house and I go through them very fast. Making your own almond butter is very easy if you have a Vitamix and will only take you couple of minutes.

Here is how to make almond butter:

  • Add about 2 cups of raw almond. Sometimes I like to add other nuts like raw cashew or pecan to mix things up.
  • One big table spoon of coconut oil. You don’t really have to add oil but I like the taste and it mixes better.

I like to start the Vitamix on low setting and let the almond and coconut oil mix. Then put it on high and use the plunger and keep mixing it. You will feel like the Vitamix engine is going to burn but don’t worry. This thing is built tough. Keep mixing with the plunger (couple minutes) until you have that almond butter consistency.

The butter will be hot so let it sit out for a while and then enjoy it with your favorite toast and add honey!almond-butter-vitamix

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