MUG_Cedar_Point_07082009_5Few weeks ago, coach Heath Dotson sent me a message asking if I am still planning on Rev3 half. This year training has been up and down with a surgery at the beginning of the year, a house move, and an injury. Plus a month of low volume training during July didn’t put me in the best shape for this race. I told him yes I want to race. Part of me just wanted to do a 70.3 this year since I couldn’t do Muncie. I didn’t race much this year and usually by this time I have bunch of races under my belt so was very anxious to race. Plus I already paid for it. The other part is I wanted revenge against this course. Last year I had a bike crash on this course and was devastated.

So he packed my training peak with workouts that somehow made me feel confident that I will head to this race and be in good shape.

So here we go…

Race morning

Best thing about this race is I don’t have to travel for it and get to sleep on my own bed. Only an hour away so it is automatically on my calendar. Had my usual almond butter with bagel for breakfast, my espresso and was on my way.

The weather that day just sucked. Lake Erie was angry and the wind was blowing at a speed that would make planes land sideways. When I got into the transition area, I heard that the swim was moved to the bay instead of the usual open Lake swim. Great news and was impressed that Rev3 had a backup plan instead of just canceling the swim.

However, the problem now is I am not familiar with the swim course and really hoped who ever I follow in the swim  knows the course better than me. Also, the swim was about 1/2 mile away from transition so we have  decent distance back to transition. Many athletes took their running shoes but I didn’t want to get mine wet and also slow my transition down so decided to give barefoot running a shot.

The swim was a time trial start for each age group. My age group  was 2nd right behind the 40-49. Lined up in the front with the faster swimmers hoping to draft off one of them. Started swimming toward the first bouy which directed us toward that little tiny area between a man made island and boats. It is probably 25 yards wide at the most. Felt like I was trapped with hundreds of athletes like sardines. A lot of energy went trying to zig zag my way between everyone in the previous group.

CP Swim

Finally made the turn and things opened up a little. There was a little chop in the back section but it felt fast and was able to get into a rhythm and finish my swim.

Was out of the water in 33:37 (8th in AG). Was hoping for under 32 but happy with this time considering the conditions.

T1: 5:59: Got out of the water and started the 1/2 mile barefoot run on concrete/asphalt back to T1. My feet were not happy later that day.

Bike (2:27):

Now with the fun. All races I did this year  been very windy so got some experience. Had disc wheels and HED Jet 6 front and latex tubes. Pumped tires around 100psi.

The bike is fairly flat with some rollers. Nothing major.

The first section and last section of the bike course, the Cedar Point Causeway about 3 miles long was absolutely brutal and many just were afraid to push in this section. In the way out, I put my head down and started passing people but had to also be careful as everyone was wobbling side to side. I stayed in my aero bars and pushed myself out of there. Once I was out the ride was decent and wind was to our back until midway through the ride. The wind got stronger and started to rain a little and now we started the fight against the headwind.

One of the things I did this year is lower my calories on the bike. I used to take around 800 calories but always had stomach issues on the run. This year I dropped it down to 600 in one bottle (300 EFS Mocha and 300 Carbo Pro). About 30 min before the finish, I took EFS pre-race and that gave me a boost to finish the ride strong.


Back to Cedar Point Causeway and the wind was even stronger. This time I had to get out of my aero bars few times and thought for sure the wind was going to get me this time. The fight with the wind in the last 3 miles was just brutal and was happy to get it over with.

Goal was to ride at 230 watts. Ended up with NP of 221 and VI 1.03. Moved up 1 spot in my AG to 7th.

T2: 1:02

The Run (1:50)

Started the run strong and was hoping for under 1:45. First few miles ticked fast and was averaging around 7:30/mile. The pace felt comfortable and I happy with it. However after making the turn around, I hit the head wind and at that was the last thing I wanted to deal with at this point. Things started to hurt and miles started t o go by a lot slower. Pace started to drop and the miles started to take longer and longer. Finish the run in 1:50 and finished in 4 hours and 58 minutes. Enough for 13th in my age group and 44 OA.

My goal this year was to break the 5hours. I was able to accomplish that despite the tough weather. My hats off to anyone who did the full. It was tough out there.

Overall the event was amazing and Rev3 and volunteers did an amazing job. If you are looking for a half or full distance this is a great event.


Rev3 medals are by far the best out there!