This Fall I decided to get out of my comfort zone and join the local masters swim. It is a little farther away from my 2 min trip to the local YMCA.

Since I started swimming a little over 4 years ago, I joined the YouTube swim team (there is no such thing) and learned how to swim just by watching videos. My swim is not great but not bad either. I can easily hold 1:20-1:25/100yrds forever.

The one thing I learned in this sport is when you think you are doing something, in reality you are doing something else. Just make someone video tape you swimming, running or biking and you will see how off you are.

Today, the masters swim coach brought his new fancy iPhone and put it on slow-mo and video taped me at the end of 6×300 set (10sec rest). The video is short and in slow motion so you won’t see my real speed but the one thing you will notice is how my hips are dropping which result in huge drag.

Then he told me to practice the mail slot drill which basically you think of a mail slot right on top of your head and try to slide your hand into it rather than extending your hand all the way before entering and catching the water.

This is the result:

I was amazed to see how a little change to my stroke caused my hole body to be more streamlined.  You can clearly see how my hips are now touching the surface of the water rather that sinking. Still got work to do to get it right but for now THIS IS FREE SPEED!

FISHES out there, please comment below if you see anything else in my stroke that I can improve.