Life Style

Cable-guyThis year, I have been going through things that I have accumulated, subscribed to or money that we are just throwing away and all the junk that we got socked into throughout the years. After the house move back in April of this year, the first thing I decided to get rid of was the land line. That wasn’t a hard decision to make. The land line in our old house was only being used by telemarketers and political campaigners. We even stopped checking the voice mail.

People that we care about will either instant message us or call our cell phones. When we moved, I suggested to my wife the idea of not getting a land line. She was not comfortable as she was worried about emergency situations, kids baby sitter needing phone access. Really? teens these days have a cell phone in every pocket so that argument didn’t last and we decided to go without a land line and give it a try.

Last week, I had a conversation with my wife about what we really watch on TV. After Breaking Bad, the only show left is Walking Dead which are now on break until February. Everything we watch is either on Netflix, iTunes or we rent from RedBox. I can get a season pass for The Walking Dead on iTunes for less than $50. That’s still less than one month of TV cable. As for sports, I stopped caring about ESPN or any major sport since I became a triathlete. Beside, all the big games are usually on the local channels.

So today I made the big decision.

Cutting the cable was a lot harder decision to make for some reason. I called AT&T and was hoping they will convince me to stay or offer me some promotion and they did. But just couldn’t justify the $80/month fee. She was able to bring it down to around $30/month but that’s still a lot of espresso I can be drinking or iTune movies we could be watching.

After about 15 minutes on the phone with AT&T, the lady realized there is nothing she can do to keep me and I was even more convinced that I am a big boy and don’t need cable anymore.

Now, onto new adventure!