I have been without Cable TV for close to a month now. I had my Internet and TV bundled with AT&T U-Verse which I loved but didn’t really use much. One month later after deciding that I don’t need TV I received my monthly bill from AT&T and it was around $35, down from $125 per month. I was more than happy to see that amount of saving especially when you don’t really feel like you missed anything.

So how is the TV used right now?

Mohu Leaf for Local Channels

First thing I did after the TV signal went black is to get local TV channels. Even when we had cable, we noticed ourselves watching the local channel most of the time and the occasional AMC for some of the shows that we watch.

To get back the local channels, I wanted to know what I can get. You can find out the free and local TV broadcast tower close to your area by doing a zip code based search at the FCC DTV reception map here.

Mine were very close by and the website results are exactly what I got when installing the antenna.

OTA Channels


I ordered the Mohu Leaf  Paper-thin indoor HD antenna. As soon as I got it, I connected it to my TV and it quickly picked up over 30 different channels over the air. NBC, ABC, FOX, iON, CBS, PBS, and many more all in very crisp HD. I even think the HD over the air is much better than what we had over the cable. Really happy with that choice.

Mohu Leaf

I was able to attached the antenna to the back of my TV so I have nothing sticking out or attached to any walls. or windows It looks great and the wife doesn’t even know it exist.

Apple TV

Apple TV

We’ve had the Apple TV since the first generation came out. I recently upgraded it to the latest one and it is worth the upgrade. With the Apple TV, I now have a lot of choices to watch show from iTunes, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Vevo, PBS, and many more. For full list of apps available on the Apple TV, click here.

The other nice thing about having an Apple TV, is the ability to stream from your Laptop, iPhone, iPad directly to your HD TV. Some show are available to stream only online so you can turn on your laptop and wirelessly stream that show in HD to your big screen TV.

Do I miss my Cable TV? At first, I did until I got my local TV channels back and everything setup. It took a little work to research and figure out but now, in all honestly I don’t miss any of it. The DVR was nice but since we watch more show online from Netflix, Hulu Plus or Amazon Prime, I don’t really need the DVR.