Last Spring, I got hit with one of runner’s/triathlete’s worst enemy, the Iliotibial Band injury. It took me out of running for a while and DNF’ed a race and canceled another race.  I wanted to write this post a long time ago as a reference to myself and hope to help others who are suffering with the same injury.

Luckily I was able to beat the IT Band in a little over a month and was back running and racing again by the end of the summer. In this post, I am going to go over some of the things I did to treat it.

What I Did To Treat My IT Band Injury:

If you are serious about treating this injury, you will have to live and breath the following strength workouts. What I found out is the culprit for this injury was weak hips and glutes.

Strength Training: Watch the following videos and do these workouts daily. Once you treat the IT Band, continue doing them at least three days per week. Your weak hips and glute muscles are the main culprit. Strengthening them will not only remedy your IT Band issue, but will also prevent other running related injuries and make you a stronger runner. Please note that it will take few weeks to strengthen the glutes and hips so be patient.

IT Band Rehab Routine and Strength Training:

The Monster Walk:

The Myrtl Routine:
Add this if you have time to your daily routine. I did this daily them to about three days per week.

Foam Roll: One of the first thing you will hear is to start using the foam roller. So get it out and start rolling. I can tell you that you will never stretch your IT Band. Stretching the IT Band is like trying to stretch metal sheet. The real issue is not that your IT Band need stretching, it is all the muscle around it that are causing the problem. So foam roll your whole leg from your calves, hamstring, quads, adductors, all the way up to the glutes. Spend time rolling each muscle group and find the sore and tight spots and spend a little extra time on them.

Yoga Stretches:
These are great stretches and add them daily after foam rolling and strength training. One thing you will notice is how tight some of the muscles are. I had an extremely tight left hip flexor and hamstring. With foam rolling and these yoga stretches you will notice a big improvement in your hip mobility and result in faster IT Band recovery.

Hopefully with these workouts, you will have a good and fast recovery. One thing is be patient and don’t rush it. Once you feel like you are ready to hit the pavement, start easy and stop as soon as you feel any pain.