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Bike race numbers can leave a nasty sticky residue on your bike which I can’t stand. I found this simple product by Von Drais that will fix this issue.

The product sells for $10. I tried it on my bike and the tag is very easy to install and can be angled in many different ways to fit your bike. Once it is installed, you can attach the bike race sticker on the plastic holder and you got a clean and aero looking sticker.

According to their website:

The V-Tag system takes its inspiration directly from the pro ranks, where race numbers are attached by team mechanics with a twisted piece of metal bolted between the brake mount and the rear brake. But the V-Tag takes this inspiration a step further, making the attachment of a race number about as simple and elegant as possible.

Looking through Kona Ironman pro bike photos, many used this same product.

The plastic card is 3”x6” and comes with patented Eel, a molded piece of flexible silicon that attaches to your seat post or seat stay. You can then use two zip ties; and the plastic bolt which to the Eel and the number card.

Here is how it look on my bike:



This is horizontal angle:


Is this more aero?



Not sure which one is more aero. Would’ve been nice if team aerocamp got it tested.


Here is a little video of how it works: