Life Style

Humans (triathletes) have long been narcissists. It’s part of who we are. Mobile phones made this problem even bigger with the ability to take selfies and share them with the rest of the universe on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc, and I am guilty as well.

So let’s put some basic rules, which aim to improve your selfies and the overall user experience:

  1. Don’t take selfies in the bathroom. You will never look good or awesome with a toilet behind you. Bathroom selfies are NOT ok.
  2.  If you are a model, or look good, selfies are fine.
  3. If you are on a trainer, showing a little cleavage is totally ok. See #2.
  4. It is ok to take selfies if you are outdoor.
  5. The following hashtags are not allowed in selfies:
  6. Don’t use an app to combine multiple selfies, just one is all we need to see.
  7. Selfies should be used sparingly. Once or twice per month is ok.
  8. If you are taking a selfie infront of a mirror, make sure it is clean and check the background. See#1
  9. For guys a selfie in a speedo is ok, ONLY if you look fit and can swim sub 1:25/100.
  10. Selfies in jammers are not ok. See #9.
  11. Selfies of your back running are totally ok ONLY if you are a woman and look good. See#2.
  12. Check your nose before taking a selfie, no body wants to see your boogers.
  13. No selfies showing your damn blisters, EVER! Get yourself different running shoes instead.
  14. If a selfie is all blurry, just save us agony and don’t post it.
  15. Justin Bieber takes the WORST selfies. Learn from his mistakes
  16. Don’t post a selfie if you are this guy
  17. If you are chased by a bull, selfies are totally bad ass.bull600