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Guys, let’s talk about shaving. Shaving your beard that is not legs.  Lately, I have been searching for a better shave. I have been using your regular multi-blade razor since I started shaving 25+ years ago. I tried every shaving cream out there, every new blade Gillette invented, and every after shave. I hated the process which left my face feeling dry and my beard angry.

I learned about Bevel on Twitter, so I decided to give them a try. The product seems to be marketed to guys with curly or coarse hair. I don’t have a curly hair problem but my beard feel like 35 coarse sanding paper by 5pm.

The company offer a subscription service so you are always stocked with their products. The starter kit is a little pricy but come with the single blade razor, 20 safety razors, primer, brush, shaving cream, and an after shave. There is a lot in the box and for the price. The starter kit is $59.95. Then it’s $29.95 per month if you want to keep getting the supplies. I would say this is more than I usually pay for shaving. However, you can always pause shipment if you feel you have enough products.


I was excited to give this a try. A day after ordering, I received an email from Bevel with instructions on how to shave and use their products. That was a nice little touch since a single blade razor is different than what most of us is used to. Their website is full of instructions on how to shave. I watched all their videos and learned more about my beard than I probably wanted to but that’s all good.

Few days later, I received the kit, opened it and gave it a try.

This is my first time using these type of razors so I was a little worried to put it on my face. But following the instructions on their site I felt a little comfortable. The razor feels great and solid and heavier than what I was used to.


So why a single blade is better than whatever number of blades Gillette is up to now?

According to their website:

Multiblade razors are designed to cut the hairs beneath the skin. This causes razor bumps when the hairs continue growing into the skin. Safety razors cut at the skin level for a comfortable, close shave with no tugging, pulling, or irritation.

The primer is oil based. No scent to it. Apply it to face before shaving. The brush felt a little lighter than I expected but again, I’ve only seen them at barber shops so I wasn’t really sure how they were suppose to feel like.

I was very pleased with the results. My face for the first time didn’t feel like it was scratch by a cat. The second day, I noticed my beard was not as rough as when shaving with the multi blade razors. I skipped shaving the second day and shaved a day later and things were getting better and my face was feeling a lot better.

I have been using Bevel for about two weeks now and I am a believer. Love their product and don’t think I will ever go back to multi blade razors. I actually look forward to shaving now.

I am getting a close shave that I never felt with the multiblade razors. I am even shaving every other day. My face is not as dry as before. I always blamed it on the pool chlorine but it turned out it is the damn razors.


 I highly recommend this product. If your face gets dry and itchy after every shave, give them a try. You can thank me later!