Race Reports

First triathlon of the season. Logged tons of hours throughout this brutal winter and couldn’t wait to see the result of all this work. My goal for this race was to run well. See, running to me is like swimming to most triathletes. I have had a love/hate relationship with running so we decided to change that. Coach Heath had me run a lot this year. 6-days a week on average and had a stretch where I was running daily. Unlike cycling and swimming, with running you really can’t  just go out and hammer every session.  You just got to do it and do it frequently and be patient.

So my goal was to run a sub-8min for this half. My last half Ironman marathon was last September and ran it in 1:50. It was a PR for me but not exactly what I wanted.


Swim: Roka Maverick Pro sleeveless wetsuit.


  • HED Jet 60 front, HED Jet Disc with latex tubes and  105 psi pressure in both.
  • LG P-09 Helmet (no visor)
  • Front BTA bottle
  • Elite Crono Fiberglass bottle on the down tube.
  • X-Lab Mezzo Pod behind the seat for flat kit.


  • Newton Distance III

On course nutrition:

  • Mix of 1x Carbo pro and 1x EFS Drink in BTA bottle on bike (200c). Change to on course water at first aid station.
  • PowerBar Kona Punch in the Elite Crono bottle (500c)
  • 2x salt sticks on the bike.
  • 3x EFS Pre Race caps. I took 1 around mile 20, 40, and last one right before the end of the bike.
  • 200 calories of EFS Mocha liquid shot in a flask on the run.

Was shooting for 600c on the bike. Added an extra 100c  in the Elite Crono so had 700 calories total on the bike because as you know, you can never squeeze that last drop of gel.


Swimming 31:31:

I was in wave# 14. Started the swim 50min after the pros. Swimming was smooth and didn’t hit that many swimmers. Started the swim hard and didn’t care about catching feet until the second buoy about 100m away.  got to the second buoy and no feet around or I can keep up with so just kept swimming. Swam a little wide before the first turn. Wasn’t by choice but for some reason kept drifting to my left. After the first turn, swam more straight and closer to the line. Found some feet from my age group and tried to stay with him. However we started hitting traffic from previous waves and lose the guy. Made my way through them without much trouble. Found other feet and tried to stick with him as much as possible but traffic from previous waves made it difficult. The swim was a PR for me. I was hoping for closer to 30min or sub 30 but I will take that.  I just need to learn to keep form in OW, relax more, and sight better.

Bike 2:37:11:

im_raleighOuch… that was a slow one. This is a point to point bike course. I thought worst case I would be around 2:30 but the rollers and head wind throughout the course made for a really slow ride. Things were going as planned until the first aid station. When I replaced my bottle which fits nice in my BTA with the on course bottle which was a little too long. It kept hitting my computer and my Garmin decided to just get stuck on the GPS screen. Kept trying to play with it to bring it back to my main screen to display power but no luck so decided to just ignore it and ride by feel. Sucks but things like this happen. I ended up being very conservative on this ride and  you can see that in my final power numbers. I was shooting to average around 220-225 but ended up with NP of 210.  More of an Ironman type effort. Oh well! Will get this fix for my Challenge AC in few weeks and hopefully won’t have the computer issue.

Now I know how to lock the Garmin 510 touch screen. You can just press the power button and then hit the little lock on the bottom right. To unlock it, hit the power button again and press the little lock again. I wish I new that before the race.


Run: 1:40:39:

Felt really good after the bike. A Really nice bounce in my legs and was worried that I was going too fast in the first few miles. But here again, as I started my Garmin 620, for the first time ever, it decided to not work and not display my distance or pace. WTF! So just ran and stayed with one guy who looked like he was going at a decent pace. I didn’t ask him which pace he was going because I just hate it when people ask me this question. I don’t know why but it always annoyed me so I just stayed with him. When I first saw the first mile marker which was not until mile 3 I looked down and saw 20:xx min. WOW! I  was happy with that and just tried to keep the same pace. Felt I can go faster but decided to stick to this pace and see what happen around mile 8 or 9. This is where things usually go down hill for most.

The guy who I was running with found another buddy  that he knew from the same club and decided to run with her. She was fast and yes I got chicked by few. She was better looking than me too so I let him go. That was around the end of the first lap. I knew he won’t be able to stay with her anyway.

The second lap it got hot and felt no wind. At each aid station, I started with one cup of water to drink, another on top of my head, grabbed sponges and placed inside my tri top. Ice in my hands. No coke for a while.

Reach mile 8 and pace started to slow down bit and I was getting warm. Decided to go to coke at this point and the energy came back. Kept ice in my hands the whole time and tried to cool myself down as much as I could. Made the final turn around mile 10 and was able to pick up pace.  Legs was still feeling really good. The guy who dropped me for his friend was hurting and passed him like he was standing still. Kept going until the finish and crossed in 4:54:16. enough for 15th in my age group and about 4min PR for HIM.


Overall really happy with the results for my first race this year on a challenging course. I feel I am slowly becoming a runner. Still work to do but things are heading in the right direction. Few things to polish before Challenge in few weeks.

The race was very well organized and really beautiful area and a challenging course. This is not a fast course by any mean. The bike and run are basically rollers throughout. Not too crazy with the two transitions but not sure how they can change that if they want to keep the run downtown. Volunteers were really amazing!