Gear Issues

Since Ironman Raleigh 70.3, I started noticing issues with my Garmin 510 touch screen where it wasn’t responding when I try to press any menu item on the top and top right. I thought for sure the touch screen was going bad. Wrong time for this to happen as I have Challenge AC race in just few weeks and didn’t want to send it in for repair and risk not having my computer for the race.

So I decided to call Garmin anyway to at least report the problem and thought I can still use the computer for now and use it on race day and will send it in for repair or replacement when I get back for Atlantic City.

It turned out that the touch screen was fine and to solve the problem, all I needed to do is calibrate the screen. After the calibration, the screen is as good as new.

So, how do you calibrate the screen?

All you need is your Garmin 510, and a pencil eraser.


  • From the Garmin main menu, select the setting icon
  • Go to System > Display > Calibrate Screen

Once you select calibrate screen, you will see a screen with a black dot.


Touch the black dot with the eraser. It will keep moving around the screen and you move with it until your hands get tired. You will see a “Calibration Complete” message once it is all done.