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Torhans finally posted a photo of what it looks like a finished product of probably one of their most anticipated aero hydration system, the AeroZ. The AeroZ has been in development since last May and was due to be out early this summer. Right now, it looks like the first we will see one is next month during the Ironman Championship.

From the photo, it looks like the new Torhan will continue to use the same mounting bracket system which is great if you decide to swap between the AeroZ and Torhans’ other aero hydration solutions. Something other companies seem to miss in their design.

What’s more interesting though about the AeroZ and might set it apart from its competition, is the splash/spill proof door. This is the door that you use to refill the bottle. Torhans posted a photo on their Facebook page back in August explaining the technology behind it:

The AeroZ uses a convex door that blends with the body of the bottle. This door closes into a silicone internal baffle that restricts splashing while the bottle is being refilled on the fly. This blended door also of course significantly helps with the Aerodynamics of the bottle. The right side finger lift opens easily and closes securely.


Looks like the AeroZ will also use the same Torhans’ faired straw design on their Aero 20 and 30.

In an interview published on AeroGeeks, the AeroZ “holds 23 ounces of liquid, 1 ounce more than the Aero 20 (“deliberately,” says Hans), and was designed using CFD to be just as fast as that same bottle is. According to Hans, the wind tunnel corroborates the CFD – in some cases, the new Z is faster.”

Will it be faster than regular zip-tied BTA solutions? This probably depends on your aerobar setup and one can only find out in the wind tunnel.