Gear Issues, How To Guide

Garmin 920xt comes with default profiles for swimming, biking and running both for outdoors and indoors. Some of the fields I use for certain profiles are different than what I like to use when racing. For example, for run training, I have multiple pages, one I used for steady runs, and another page I use when doing intervals. The fields used are different for each. However, when I race, I like to keep it simple and just wanted to have the fields that I want to look at when I do a quick glance at the watch while racing.

So, I created a new profile and called it “Run Race” with only three fields (time, lap pace, and avg pace) and I wanted to replace the default “Run” profile that Garmin uses for triathlon with the new “Run Race” profile.

So how do you do that? Here is a quick step by step video: