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2015 In Numbers

stats2015Every year, I like to take a look at totals I’ve covered for each sport. We spend so much time of our days swimming, biking and running. It makes me appreciate what our bodies can accomplish throughout the year.

Few things about these numbers. Swimming was hard to get numbers broken down by month. Training Peaks, seems to give me these numbers by week. So in the total by month chart below, I just took the average per month instead of taking it out. Plus, I can’t get these numbers out of Garmin Connect or Strava since I didn’t enter them. I don’t even know if there is away to enter an activity manually in Garmin Connect.

Cycling: Distance for cycling on the trainer isn’t an accurate measure. Time is a better measure. I spent the majority of my time training indoors. My trainer (InsideRide emotion rollers) is very close to the outdoors as far as speed per specific watts. I’ve used varied resistance so some days will look faster or slower than others. Overall, I might be overshooting the distance on the trainer. Also, somedays, I didn’t have the speed and cadence sensor set and only went by power so only had time to enter.

The numbers below only show time and distance. I didn’t enter any fitness measure in here. Maybe I will get into that in some other post.

The below chart show total time spent in each sport (hover over the charts to see numbers). As expected, the bike took the majority of the time, 307 hours. That is down from the previous year which was around 323 hours. That was expected since I trained for two ironman in 2014.

Running time increased around 2.6% in 2015. I spent a lot more time running in 2015 than the previous year. Luckily no injuries recorded since I had an ITBS issue in 2013.

Swimming distance and time went down in 2015. I am starting to slack off in that area. My swim is decent, and at this point, I feel the ROI is minimal. However, I would love to put down some serious swimming one of these years if time isn’t an issue. I love to swim and don’t mind spending time in the pool.

The distance seems off in 2014 for cycling. I think I did some of my training without a cadence sensor in 2014 or I just got a lot faster. In 2015, I biked over 6,154 miles, compare to 5,930 in 2014. Looking at cycling TSS, I had 17,045.6 TSS compare to 17,205 TSS in 2014.

This year, my peak months were in August and September as I got closer to Ironman Louisville.

This is the chart that makes everyone jealous. My total calories burned by month. Total for the year is 503,695 calories. That’s an average of 41,975 calories per month or about 1,400 calories per day. That’s around 600 Five Guys cheese burgers for the year.

If you are blown away by these number, don’t. I am not a professional triathlete. I have a full time job, kids, a wife and house to take care of. I have spent around 655 hours training in 2015. That’s less than 2 hours per day. That’s for three different sports and trying to be competitive in my category. So anyone can get this accomplished with a lot less time. It’s just a matter of making it a priority. The majority of people spend a lot more time watching TV very day than I do training.