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As an athlete, having a workout room, aka, pain cave, in your house is probably one of the main thing you will consider when you build or move to a new house. It’s a room where things happen. You spend more time in that room than most rooms in your house.

Making the room somewhat inviting is probably hard to do because the smell from sweat will usually deter non athletes away. So the idea here is to build something that you need to accomplish your workouts. As a triathlete, we have three things that we basically need: a pool, a bike trainer, and a treadmill. Now, the first thing is a bit hard to get done and requires a budget that is beyond my means but if you have no access to a pool or short on time, the the Vasa Trainer might be a good alternative.

When we built our house, I wanted to have a workout room on the first floor with a window. I spent a lot of time in our old crowded basement watching mice, spiders and different basement creatures that I wasn’t particularly a fan of.

However, the room quickly got crowded with the intro of my second bike and quickly realized I needed a better way to store the bikes. I started researching different options and was interested in a wall mount option. The RAD Cycle Woody was an option I was going to go with until I saw Facebook post by the previous Slowtwitch editor Herbert Krabel. You can read about his setup here.

I liked the idea and got myself two of them. You can find the Cycloc on Amazon here.

The Cycloc Hero works for most type of pedals, clipless, SPD, and platform. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work on Speedplay pedals.

The Cycloc Hero is pretty simple and come in a nice box. Not exactly what I expected to get for a bike rack but here is what you get:


You will find three main parts: the main rack which is the big piece that hold the pedal, and the two wheel rests to protect your wall from dirt and damage. It comes with all the screws you need to install the rack and screw covers.

Installation was very simple. The Cycloc holds your bike from the pedal, so it is probably best to look for the wall stud and use that to anchor the pedal holder. The way I installed mine is by starting with the main pedal and then hand the bike, and mark where the wheel rests go. For the wheel rests anchors, you want to use 3/16 drill bit.

Once all three parts are installed, then you just hang the bike and that’s it. This is how it looks: