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This post might be a little off topic, wait…. not really, I will take that back. Every time a triathlete comes over and try one of the smoothies out of my Vitamix blender, they are in love with it and want to get one. However, the price almost always, always make them think twice about it and they end up going to Wall-Mart, and getting a cheap blender for $25 that doesn’t do the job.

Vitamix blenders don’t have to be expensive. You don’t have to spend $500 for a blender. Fortunately, Vitamix offers many options to make acquiring a Vitamix Blender affordable and I will walk you through these options below.


Many people always go for new. Nothing wrong with that if you have the money. After all, without people purchasing new, we won’t have a certified recondition option.


Vitamix truly stands behind their products. And just like a new Vitamix, all Certified Reconditioned machines have been built and reconditioned by hand in the U.S.A.

Vitamix has a rigorous inspection for each machine. A little scratch or an unusual sound from the motor will disqualify a machine. Also, the blender has to be less than five years old. Otherwise, it will be recycled.

Each Vitamix goes through a rigorous 17-point inspection to check the base, motor, blades, etc.

Each Certified Reconditioned Vitamix comes with Vitamix standard 5-years warranty. That’s the same warranty as a new Vitamix. Also, each Vitamix comes with a brand new cookbook package, container shell, two-part lid, and tamper.

On top of that, when you join the Vitamix family, you’ll get more than a blender. You’ll enjoy access to free, unlimited customer support, recipes from our culinary team, and a community of Vitamix enthusiasts on our social networks.

Certified Reconditioned blenders start at $199 for the two-speed version and up to $450 for the Next Generation option.


Vitamix offers a generous payment plan. partnered with PayPal to offer no interest payment plan. You can spread your payment over 12 to 18 months. Canadian customer get spread their payment over 8 months with no interest.

With these two options, whether you go with a certified reconditioned or a new one, you will own more than just a blender. You will join the Vitamix family and a healthier lifestyle that you will enjoy along with your family for many, many years.